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There are two ways to get permanent access to published long videos - using Instagram (respectively, the Internet) and offline without connecting to the WWW. It is the second option that allows to save the necessary, interesting, and expensive videos that can be deleted by the IG user at any time.

Our service can help in this matter, offering the ability to download videos without any restrictions. Note that to standard videos up to 10 minutes long, our platform also allows to upload videos up to 1 hour long. This is the only option without using third-party programs to access the necessary materials and spend a little time on it.

If our site is used to download videos up to approximately one hour long, then you need to take care of a good internet connection. There is one way to reduce the download time as much as possible - the WWW speed should be high. This is explained simply. Most Instagram users upload high-definition videos and it can weigh more than 1 GB.

You can fully use functionality on any device - computer, smartphone, tablet. Such multi-platform is appreciated by active Instagram users without exception.

Download Instagram video using our service

You should trust this platform for downloading IGTV videos for the following reasons:

  • You can use the service free of charge. The developers offer a site that can be used by all categories of Instagram users.
  • Guaranteed to work on any device. It doesn't matter which gadget will be used and the type of OS - the service demonstrates stable operation without errors.
  • Easy to learn. An intuitive interface allows to instantly figure it out - downloading long videos from Instagram will not be difficult even for a child.
  • Encrypted data transfer. The visitor of the site can be sure of anonymity.
  • No need to register and waste time on subsequent authorization. Once a person has landed on the service, he can immediately start uploading Instagram video.
  • No need to use VPN to access the site.
  • Preservation of the original video quality. The service doesn't reduce it, as similar projects can do.

Thanks to these features, this project will be an ideal assistant for active users who want to download Instagram long videos. All actions are clear - it will not be difficult to deal with the functionality of our service.

How to download Instagram video?

You will need to perform the following steps:

  • Log in to Instagram from your existing device. Signing in to your account is required, which you need to remember.
  • Select the video you want to download. Pre-copy the link to the content.
  • Go to our service. It doesn't matter which device you'll use.
  • Paste the previously copied link into the special field.
  • Click 'Download'. In the appeared window, you need to confirm the download by clicking the appropriate button.

After the download is complete, the file will be in the folder specified by the user. According to the standard on a PC - 'Downloads', smartphones - 'My Documents'. Using our service you can download any video for up to 1 hour without restrictions.

How to download IGTV for iPhone, iPad owners

iOS users can easily download any Instagram content, including long videos. Follow the instructions, which are no different from the above section. On the part of the owner of this OS, you need to take care of several things - a high-quality and constant connection to the Internet and a charged battery.

This is especially true for uploading videos with a maximum duration (up to 1 hour). Keep in mind that the longer the movie, the more it weighs. Downloading a 4-6 GB file to your phone is a quick battery drain.

The developers propose a set of rules that each user of the service should familiarize. The administration of our service always reserves the right to terminate the receipt of the site's services by individuals who violate the privacy of other Instagram users by using this platform. Detailed information on the rules is available in a special section.


How long does it take to load Instagram videos?

Our site provides the best download speed, there are a few factors to keep in mind: the size of the downloaded file, and the quality of the Internet connection. The larger the video by weight, the longer it will take to download.

Who can use?

There are no restrictions. Even a child can use the service. The main rule is to follow the prescribed rules.

How can I find the downloaded video on my device?

When using a PC, you need to go to the 'Downloads' folder, a smartphone/tablet - 'My Files'. The user can personally specify the download directory.