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Short Instagram Reels have been trending for several seasons, popular among companies and famous bloggers for content creation and profile promotion. Often these videos are so useful and interesting that you want to watch them over and over. You can either watch them through the app or download them from Instagram using special services.

Saving them offers the advantage of watching anytime, even without an internet connection. You can download them bypassing the app, as direct file access isn't provided by the developers. But don't worry: BestSave IG downloader will help you download Instagram reels in just a few seconds.

What is the BestSave Downloader?

The automatic BestSave downloader easily saves various photos and videos from the popular social network. It's quick and allows for enjoying the content anytime. The most attractive short videos are often downloaded using this tool, as they are small in size but informative, entertaining, and typically tell a story, allowing you to engage with followers.

BestSave is the ideal choice for downloading Instagram Reels videos. The downloader has its unique features and benefits:

  • allows downloading without needing additional plugins, extensions, or apps;
  • works directly from the browser, making it accessible and user-friendly;
  • enables quick and high-quality content downloads without registration or payment.

You can download short videos on any device with any operating system: BestSave is a universal solution for everyone. All you need is a browser installed on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, allowing you to download reels for free from Instagram via a link.

If you want to download right now, ensure you have a stable internet connection and high file transfer speed. This is the only and very important condition. By downloading videos from Instagram, you can watch them even without an internet connection. The content remains with you as long as needed; you can delete the files if they're no longer required.

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When is the Reels Downloader Useful?

This simple and intuitive downloader for short videos is indispensable for any user who follows idols and regularly views useful content. It’s worth using when:

  • you're collecting interesting content for future use, like psychological advice, realtor consultations, cooking recipes, and reels on any other topic;
  • you want to save pleasant memories, such as videos from contests, morning shows, award ceremonies, etc.;
  • you've found content worth showing to friends and don't want to go through lengthy searches in the app during a meeting.

To download reels from Instagram for free, it only takes a few seconds. If you've never saved videos and photos on your device, consider reviewing the instructions.

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Downloading Instagram Reels: Key Steps

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If you decide to download Instagram reels using a link, follow these steps. First, open the app and find the videos you want to rewatch. It’s better to log in using your personal account, which might require entering your login and password. Then:

  • copy the link to the content you want to save;
  • visit the BestSave website using a browser and paste the link into the provided field;
  • click the "Download" button to start the download.

Usually, downloading Instagram reels to an Android phone takes no more than 30 seconds. If the download speed is slow, it will take longer. You can find the saved files in the "My Files" or "Downloads" folder. The quality will be the same as the original.

iOS and Android: Is There a Difference?

If you own an iPad or iPhone, don't worry: downloading Instagram reels online involves similar steps. Just remember that your device should be running on iOS 13 or higher.

To access the BestSave site, it's best to use the Safari browser. The downloaded files will be located in the "Downloads" folder, making them easy to find.

If you're considering how to download Instagram reels on iPhone or Android, remember that each saved video should only be used for personal viewing. Remember, every short video has an author, so if you're posting it on external resources, always credit the owner or add a link to their profile.


How to download a video (reel) from Instagram?

You need internet access and any gadget. First, copy the link to the reel, then paste it into the BestSave service field and proceed with the download.

Can you download Instagram reels on an iPhone?

There are no problems with this. Users need to copy the video link, use Safari (the default browser) to visit our site, paste the copied address, and download the short video.

How to download an Instagram short video on Android?

The process is similar to downloading on iOS.

Do I need to be authorized?

The service does not require registration or subsequent authorization, which is convenient for all users.

How many times a day can you use BestSave to download videos?

There are no limits – you can download Instagram reels infinitely.