Instagram reals Video Downloader

The popularity of short videos attracts a huge audience. Such videos can collect millions of views, which allows not only to increase the number of subscribers on Instagram but to make the account owner recognizable. This social network doesn't lag behind modern trends and has launched the ability to shoot and upload short videos.

Instagram doesn't provide the ability to download reals and for many, this is the only disadvantage of this social network. There is one way to solve the problem - use the BestSave service, which allows to download short videos to any device shortly.

You can use our service functionality only with the help of a browser. This decision by the developer allows to quickly save the downloaded file and doesn't require to download third-party software. You can enjoy short videos at any time and without the need for an Internet connection, which allows to show memorable videos to friends without forwarding them.

Instagram Reels is the best option for those who don't want to clog their phone with unnecessary applications. All modern and popular opportunities are offered by this social network.

Why I should pay attention to BestSave

The BestSave service will be a unique helper for those who wish to save small videos that can be shared in the future. To replenish collection of funny videos or other topics, you need to have a few minutes and an Internet connection.

Our service offers its functionality to everyone - no need to register. With a few clicks, you can download the reals to any device and the video will remain on it until a decision is made to delete it.

This service is free and easy to use. Like similar projects, there is a set of rules that the user must follow. The site administration may restrict the use of BestSave functionality to those who violate the privacy of other people using Instagram.

Don't forget that the reals downloader BestSave is a multi-platform service. It works on all modern devices, regardless of the operating system used. This is the best option to quickly get the desired reals without installing third-party programs. For those who want to constantly upload short videos, this project will be #1.

How to download reals on Instagram

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Open Insta on your phone or PC. One condition - the entrance must be performed from a personal profile.
  • Select the material to be downloaded. After that, copy the link.
  • Visit our site and paste the previously copied URL in a special window.
  • Click on 'Download', in the window that appears, and click on 'Download video' again.

The downloaded video will be located in the folder that the user has chosen to store such files: on a PC - 'Downloads', smartphones - 'My Files'. The key to fast downloading videos is to have a good Internet connection.

All downloaded videos using our service will be of original quality. The user doesn't need to be afraid that the service will automatically cut the permission.

How to download reals from Instagram for iPhone and iPad owners

Before using, you need to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements. The device must be running OS version 13 or later. This applies to both Apple smartphones and tablets.

The user needs to follow simple steps:

  • Open Instagram in a convenient way. This can be done using a browser or application - the choice is up to the owner of the gadget. A personal account is used to log in.
  • Copy the current reals address (short video). Click on '...' and click 'Copy link'.
  • Visit our service. This will require the built-in Safari browser.
  • Enter the previously copied address in the field. Click on 'Download' and in the next window confirm the downloading by clicking the appropriate button.

The user can watch the downloaded video without restrictions and can do it without the need connecting to the Internet.


How to download videos (reals) from Instagram?

You need access to the Internet and any gadget. Copy the link to the reals, then paste it into the our service field and download.

Can I download reals from Instagram to iPhone?

There is no problem with this. The user is required to perform several actions - copy the video link, from Safari (standard browser) go to our site paste the copied address, and download a short video.

How to download Instagram short videos on Android?

All actions are similar to downloading on iOS.

Do I need authorization?

The service doesn't require registration and subsequent authorization, which is convenient for all categories of users.

How many times per day service can be used to download a video?

There are no restrictions - user can download reals from Instagram endlessly.