Instagram Stories Downloader

You can enjoy favorite Instagram stories not only when using this social network. Our service will help, allowing to save the desired story to device in a minute. The user needs a gadget with an Internet connection and nothing more.

This service will be useful for those who wish to watch stories and remain anonymous - this is an additional reason to use our site The user needs to have an up-to-date link to the story. The simplicity of the project makes it an ideal choice for those who want to save time and remain incognito when viewing stories.

The service is offered only in the web version and one browser is enough for comfortable operation. The type of device operating system doesn't matter - you can download Instagram stories using a PC, smartphone, or tablet. You don't need to install third-party programs. Developers took the most optimal and shortest path in terms of downloading Instagram stories.

Why download Instagram Stories using our site?

Due to the nature of Instagram stories, you need to be relatively quick. Any story is available for viewing by other IG users for only 24 hours. After this period, the publication is automatically deleted and it will not be possible to view it again.

The use of the BestSave service will be justified and the only right decision. To download Instagram stories, you only need to visit the service and do a few steps. It will take a minimum of time and we guarantee it. Everyone can be convinced of the speed of downloading and the ease of mastering the service, and there are no restrictions on this.

Another reason to use our service is that it's completely free. Users don't need to pay for permanent access to project features. There are no limits for uploading Instagram Stories.

How to Download Instagram Stories on BestSave

Before proceeding with the download process, the user needs to make sure that the Internet is available on the device. If it will be a constant decrease in the data transfer rate or its periodic shutdown, then the download process may take a long time (sites may not load, download error, etc.).

Downloading Instagram Stories using BestSave includes the following:

  • Open IG in any convenient way - PC (web version), tablet, smartphone (application). Account login is required.
  • Find and open the desired story, copy the link ('...').
  • Visit our site and insert the previously prepared address into the special field. Then click "Download".
  • A story will appear in the window, under which there will be a button 'Load story'.

The file will be saved in the device's memory - the user will have permanent access to the file, which will allow it to be shown live or sent to friends or acquaintances even after 24 hours from the moment of publication.

Download the story on iPhone, iPad

The owners of these devices need to remember one thing - downloading Instagram stories using our service without problems and errors is possible when using OS version 13 and newer. This is the only point that you need to take into account, regardless of the gadget model.

The general sequence of actions doesn't differ from the previous paragraph. The minimum difference may be the use of the Safari browser (standard application). If necessary, you can install other software that can replace Safari.

All actions for downloading Instagram stories are similar for any gadget. BestSave is the multiplatform that is an additional reason for using all categories of Instagram users. This service will be a reasonable choice for those who want to save stories shortly and at the same time not be limited.


How much does access cost?

The service offers its services for free. The administration will never send messages that the project has become paid or other similar information. All received messages to the mail with such words are the tricks of scammers who want to get money for 'connecting' the user to the service.

Need to register for?

You don't need to create an e account for this project. All functionality is available to every guest without restrictions. The service values the time of every Instagram user who wants to download stories and save them in the device's memory.

What problems can arise when uploading Instagram Stories?

There may be one trouble - the loss of the Internet. Before using service, you need to make sure that you have constant access to the worldwide network.

From which device can be used?

Any gadget that can access the Internet is enough to download stories.

Using BestSave anonymously?

Yes, no one will be able to see information regarding the viewing of their stories by users of this service.