Instagram Stories Downloader

instagram stories downloader

Instagram Stories are a favorite way for many bloggers to communicate with their followers: short videos are easy to make and allow for sharing all kinds of information, from advertising to daily routines. These small-sized videos often contain useful content, but the Instagram app doesn't allow online story downloads: developers haven't added this feature and have no plans to do so despite user requests.

What can you do if you want to regularly enjoy your favorite videos without using the app? Enter BestSave – a service that lets you download Instagram stories to your phone or any other device. It takes very little time, as the videos are small. You remain anonymous during download and can rewatch the content many times without accessing the app.

What the Service Offers: Features and Advantages of BestSave

Want to watch captivating stories at your convenience? It's hard to remember short video clips for long, and they're only available for 24 hours. To watch them later, use BestSave. Its advantages include:

  • ease of use. Anyone, from kids to seniors, can download Instagram stories for free. It's quick and effortless.
  • download files without additional apps or plugins. All you need is a browser and a good internet connection;
  • compatible with any device. Use BestSave to download Instagram stories via a link on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

If you decide to download Instagram stories online with this downloader, rest assured about confidentiality. Users maintain complete anonymity, and no registration is required.

The highlight of the service is the absence of paid features: it's free to use and offers unlimited downloads in terms of size and quantity. All you need is a link to the video, which is only active for a day, so act fast. BestSave is always available, regardless of the time, weather, or your location.

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Instructions for Beginners: How to Download Stories Using the Downloader

Unsure how to download Instagram stories for free? Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • choose the content you want to save. The content and theme don't matter as long as it interests you;
  • copy the story link. It's quick and easy;
  • visit the BestSave website. All you need is a browser and the search bar to enter the website address;
  • paste the video link into the designated field, click "Download", and wait for the file to save to your device;

Note the download speed before starting. Slow data transfer can prolong the download process. You can find downloaded files in the "Downloads" or "My Files" folder and watch them offline as much as you like.

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Downloading Stories for iPhone or iPad Users

If you've switched from Android to iOS, don't worry: BestSave can help iPhone and iPad users download Instagram stories via a link. The process is the same as described above.

However, ensure your operating system version is 13 or higher. No payment or additional app installation is necessary: Safari is sufficient.

But remember copyright laws. Watch the content, but don't publish it without crediting the author. If you plan to share stories on other platforms, mention the owner or link to their profile. The downloader administration reserves the right to terminate content-saving services for privacy violations.

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Is access to the service free?

The service is completely free of charge. Our team will never send messages claiming that the project has started charging a fee or any similar updates. Any emails you receive with such claims are scams, trying to swindle money for "connecting" you to our service.

Do I need to register?

No separate account creation is needed. All features are available to every visitor without restrictions.

What problems might arise when downloading Instagram stories?

The main issue could be a loss of internet connection. Ensure you have a stable internet connection before using the service.

From which devices can I use the service?

Any internet-enabled gadget is sufficient for downloading stories.

Is BestSave anonymous?

Yes, no one will see information about users viewing their stories through this service.