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Downloading photos from Instagram is a common user request, as the app lacks a built-in download feature and there are no plans from developers to introduce such a feature. The only way to save desired content is through a special service, like the popular BestSave website, which allows downloading photos, videos, reels, and even live streams from Instagram or via links sent by other users.

BestSave: Why Users Choose Us?

BestSave is a popular and in-demand content downloading service. Just visit the site, perform simple actions, and photos, videos, or short clips are quickly saved to your device. BestSave has many advantages that attract a large number of users.

  • no need to install apps or extensions. Just open it in any browser installed on your device;
  • suitable for everyone, regardless of age or profession. Teens, seniors, managers, and hairdressers can all use BestSave with no special skills or training required;
  • downloads any file type, offering above-average quality for Instagram photos, videos, reels, and stories. Saved images are as clear, bright, and vibrant as in the trendy app;
  • fast and high-quality service. Saving several photos usually takes up to 30 seconds. Longer videos and short clips take a bit more time but are still downloaded at maximum speed, saving users time.

The instagram photo downloader can be used on any device, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, personal computer, or tablet. The main thing is to have the ability to open a web browser and type the name of the service in the search bar. All actions are conducted on the website – there is no need to navigate through links or install additional programs.

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Downloading Images and Photos: How to Do It

If you've never used downloaders and are seeing it for the first time, the task of "downloading Instagram photos for free" won't be difficult. BestSave offers a simple download method, and we've prepared step-by-step instructions for saving photos. What you need to do is:

  • open Instagram and log in with your username and password, either on the app or in a browser;
  • browse photos and images, then select those you want to save to your computer, tablet, or phone;
  • copy the link by clicking the corresponding icon;
  • visit the BestSave website using any browser installed on your device.

Once the service page opens, you can paste the previously copied link into a special field. The final step before downloading the photo from Instagram online is to press the 'Download' button. Within a few minutes, the necessary files and data will be stored in your device's memory.

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What Should iPhone Users Do?

iPhone users often face difficulties with simple tasks due to iOS not favoring commonly used apps and only working with specific programs and extensions. However, with BestSave, there are no problems: the site works well with models from 6 and above. Just ensure you have internet access, whether mobile or wired.

The process for iPhone users is similar:

  • log in to the app using a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Enter your account username and password;
  • choose the images and photos you like. BestSave can handle any files and resolutions;
  • copy the photo link by clicking the corresponding icon.

After copying, to download a photo or image from Instagram in high quality on an iPhone, you need to open the Safari browser and type the BestSave service address in the search bar.

Once you paste the copied link into the provided field and press "Download", the saving process begins. Usually, materials are downloaded to the "My Files" or "Downloads" folder, where you can find and view them as much as you like. If desired, you can change the photo storage location, such as creating a separate folder for future data transfers.

Problem solved and you know how to download photos from Instagram to your phone or computer? Great news, but remember, BestSave should only be used for personal viewing. We advise against infringing on rights or invading people's privacy. Download content for yourself and friends, but don't post it online without crediting the author. Also, familiarize yourself with the project's rules before starting to use it.

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Can I download photos from Instagram on my own without using our downloader?

No, you can't download photos yourself as this feature isn’t included in the social network's functionality. Using our service, you can do it quickly and easily. A few minutes is enough to download the desired photo.

How can iPhone users download photos from Instagram?

You only need constant internet access and a little time. Use the Safari browser to visit our site and paste the previously copied link into the special field.

How to download an Instagram photo to Android?

Copy the photo's URL address from IG, paste it into the site's field, and press 'Download'. After that, the file will be in your device's memory, and you'll have constant access to the photo.

What is the cost of using this service?

Our service offers free content downloading from Instagram. Anyone offering to sell access to the downloader is a scammer and should be avoided.

Where can I find previously downloaded photos/videos/stories on my device?

Mostly, all downloaded files are in the 'Downloads' folder. For mobile gadgets, they're in 'My Files'.