The best Instagram photo downloader

Many IG users want a built-in feature to download content they like, but its implementation is not foreseen by developers. A popular solution to this problem is the BestSave service, which allows to save selected photos, videos, or stories to the device's memory. To do this, you will need to perform simple actions that will not take much time.

The proposed service supports downloading all Instagram content without exceptions. This is what makes our service in demand among active users of this social network. To download, paste the previously copied link into the input field and click on “Download”. Nothing else is required, which draws attention to this service.

BestSave - a site that can be opened with any browser. You don't need to download anything extra, and this saves time. You can use the service on any device, a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Reasons for using our service

Everything here is simple and clear for all categories of Instagram users - the only way to download content and do it with a minimum of effort. The need to quickly download the desired photo or video from Instagram can arise at any time. This issue solves a BestSave.

This service will be useful to anyone who wants to save exclusive materials (other people's or their own), which are published only in this social network. Downloading from Instagram opens up great opportunities for users who want to create their content or add to their photo/video collection. You don't need to install additional plug-ins (PC) or applications on smartphones - all actions are performed on the site.

Fans of beautiful photos and videos will not be left behind. Our service uploads files in original quality without compression.

How to download photos/images from Instagram

All actions don't require much effort and time.

  • Log in to Instagram through your account. It can be either an application or a web version.
  • Find the desired content that you want to save to the memory of PC or gadget.
  • Copy content link. You will need to find '...', click on this icon.
  • Go to service BestSave. To do this, you can use any browser.
  • In the proposed field, paste the previously copied link and click on 'Download'.
  • Select the appropriate button in the window and click on it.

This process will take a maximum of several minutes, which allows to download any materials from Instagram without restrictions.

How to download photos from IG for iPhone owners

It's need to make sure you have a good internet connection. It can be either mobile, wired, or Wi-Fi. The next thing that an iOS user needs to remember is that owners of '6' and subsequent models can download photos from Instagram without any problems.

  • Open Inst in any convenient way.
  • Decide on a photo/image and copy the unique URL. This process may take some time. Choose the right content. Copying a link - a few clicks and that's it.
  • Visit our site. In the case of iPhones, the pre-installed Safari browser is used.
  • In the input field, paste the previously copied URL and click on 'Download'.
  • In the window that appears, click on the corresponding button.

The downloaded file will be placed in the previously selected directory. In most cases, the Downloads folder (PC) or My Files (smartphones) folder. The user can change the location of downloaded files.

The main task of BestSave is to simplify the process of uploading photos/videos/stories for all categories of users as much as possible. Mastering the service will take a little time, which is convenient and practical. The service administration has the right not to provide services to those who violate the rights and privacy of other people. You can learn more about the rules for using this project in a special section.


Is it possible to download photos from Instagram on my own without using the downloader BestSave?

No, you won't be able to upload the photo, because this possibility is not provided by the functionality of the social network. When using our service this can be done and the process will take a minimum time. A few minutes is enough to upload the desired photo.

How to download photos from IG for iPhone owners?

All you need is constant access to the Internet and a little time. Using the built-in browser, you will need to visit our site and paste the previously copied link into a special field.

How to download a photo from Instagram on Android?

Here you will need to copy the URL of the photo from IG, paste link into the site field, and click 'Download'. After that, the file will be in the device's memory.

How much does it cost to use?

This service offers opportunities to download Instagram content for free.

Where can I find previously downloaded photos/videos/stories on my device?

In most cases, all downloaded files are located in the Downloads folder. For mobile gadgets - 'My files'.